Matt Marais modelling the Loki

Consultancy Work

This weeks lecture was given by a tutor / PDE graduate. He talked about post university life and his experience of different working environments. He worked for a consultancy firm, did some freelance consultancy but ultimately gravitated towards taking a more entrepreneurial approach developing a product (Loki, an adaptable camera rig) he personally believed in, taking it to market and became his own boss.


He said that although he enjoyed consultancy work, he’d avoid it in future for a number of reasons. One reason being that you don’t really get to see what happens to the project once you’ve done your bit and passed it on. Another reason was that you are always working to realise somebody else’s idea instead of your own. This point of view surprised me, it was not something I’d considered, for the past few years I’ve been thinking that working in a consultancy would be a dream job, it is something I hope to do. Having thought about it for a while, I’ve decided that despite his reasons it is still something I would really love to do. What appeals to me is the variety of projects you’d work on, I feel the experience you would gain from working on a number of different projects would be invaluable.


When working on a project, you learn so much about that one thing, which is one of the reasons I love being in this field. The ability to learn and explore anything, gaining insights along the way and being able to apply that understanding to improve the world we live in. I’ve enjoyed learning about chimpanzees when designing a game for enriching chimps lives at Blairdummond Safari Park to learning about the community in Garnethill when proposing a plan for the redevelopment of a park along with detailing a light for it. I’m excited by the prospect of working in a consultancy because of the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and learn about many different things as opposed to working only on car dash boards for Jaguar/Land Rover like some PDE graduates.