A film development kit for beginners

Amateur film photographers typically take their film to a lab to be developed but in doing so they limit their creative input to the process, should they wish to develop the film themselves existing equipment is expensive, requires a darkroom and is a complicated process full of multitasking.


FDKFB opens up the world of film development to beginners giving them the creative freedom they want while offering a far more cost effective solution (more than 50% cheaper than taking film to a lab). The process of getting the film out of the cartridge and into the tank has been totally reimagined making it far less fiddly, eliminating the need for a dark room as well as the risk of getting the film dusty, greasy with fingerprints or scratched. In order to streamline the task of processing the film and to remove the need for any multitasking, the product will keep the temperature at the set value using induction technology and the timers will start automatically when bottles are picked up. The equipment has been carefully designed to minimise the risk of cross contamination between chemicals and reduce the quantity of tasks required during the process.