g31’s Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum Branding

“A flexible, typographic system translating abstract content into emotional design language”

What I love about this branding and in particular the typeface is it’s playfulness, it makes me want to go to the zoo, it looks fun. The font manages to be functional, adaptable and playful all at the same time. It’s easy to read despite how decorative it is, it works in a variety of contexts, on a poster, on a letter, on a ticket etc. it also works with deep sea creatures to arachnids.

Perhaps the reason I find the font impressive lies in the fact that I would have no clue as to how one would begin a design process that would result in a font which has such an appropriate feeling for it’s context. G31 explain that “the flexible, typographic system was elaborated in three, interchangeably combined cuts. Thus, a wide range of animal expressions can be reflected in each word – from rigid to dead, or from lively to playful.”

The studios aim is to translate abstract content into emotional design language, in order to tell an interesting story. I think it is important for design to have an emotional depth no matter what discipline, if something is designed beautifully then it will provoke a more positive response in the user (or viewer in this case) and allow them to be more open minded and creative in their perception increasing the usability of the design, whether it be a font, a building, a product or service. An attractive design increases the cognitive ability of the user, this theory is reflected in recent literature concerning cognitive science, it shows emotion is integral to cognition.

Sammy Arschavir