Garnethill Park 1

This was a collaborative project between the mackintosh school of architecture and product design engineering.


The brief: we were asked by Glasgow City Council to develop a plan of action for the redevelopment of Garnethill Park, a budget of £100,000 was set aside for the winning proposal. It was an exciting opportunity for a community orientated project with the potential of improving our local area.


In order to understand what the community want out of their park we split into separate groups and visited a number of schools (2 primary and one secondary), the local community centre, Glasgow School of Art and a number of care homes. My group was responsible for collecting the opinions of the art school, so we put together an event with various activities and free alcohol to get the community to engage as much as possible. Insights from all the groups were gathered and used to develop proposals that fit what the community want.

My group highlighted 3 key areas needing addressed: lighting, paths and the water feature. The original lighting designed for the park was no longer used (instead just a couple of modern lamp posts are used), they are box shaped lights at ground level making them susceptible to vandalism and also have flat tops which catches rain water. The paths are made up of cobbles however there are large gaps making it uneven and dangerous under foot. The water feature no longer runs because it is too high maintenance and gets clogged with leaves.


We proposed redesigning the original lights, raising them out of reach and making them from more modern, robust materials (polycarbonate and aluminium). The cobbles could be re-used as the boundary to a path made up of concrete with an aggregate topping. Due to insufficient technical information regarding the water feature we could not propose a solution, however ideally the key for turning it on and off should be left within the hands of the community, perhaps in the near by community centre. These three changes would be made in three separate phases and within the budget.