Sammy Arschavir

This was an individual project continuing from GH1. I developed and detailed a light to replace the existing luminary system which is no longer in use. Issues with the original system within the park are as follows: their height making it susceptible to vandalism, their flat roofs which gather rain, materials not fit for purpose which frequently get damaged and need replaced. The combination of these issues means that the Glasgow City Council no longer use the lights because they require such frequent maintenance. The community’s appreciation for the original lights aesthetics means that the new system must respect Dieter Magnus’ (the original architect’s) vision for the park and maintain his intended identity.



Garnethill Park 2

I followed an iterative design process to develop a solution that met all of the requirements. I wrote algorithms to determine the most suitable standardised extrusion (available from local suppliers) to support a given load as well as using the unit weld method of BS590 to define required weld sizes. I built a full size prototype to test the optic quality of a number of plastics and finishes. Elevating the light from the ground reduces the risk of vandalism and the tough polycarbonate panels in an aluminium frame offer a robust, long lasting, easy to maintain solution that is in line with Dieter Magnus’ original vision. The reflector on top ensures the lamp only illuminates the area required avoiding unnecessary light pollution.


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