Material Advantage

Material Advantage was part of a limited edition collection in collaboration with the Glasgow School of Art Shop during the run up to Christmas. It was a joy working with the team at the shop to develop a luxury lifestyle product that fits with their contemporary collection. As described on the box:


"In chess, if a player is said to have a material advantage then that player has more valuable pieces than their opponent. This chess set takes the term more literally; the value of the piece is represented by the value of the material. In order to distinguish the different sides (traditionally done with colour) this chess set uses shape instead; one player is circular and the other is square. The king is made out of copper, the queen is aluminium. The rooks are made out of acrylic. The bishops are made out of walnut and the knights are made out of pine. The pawns are made out of MDF and the board is laser engraved cork."


It was a nice surprise to see that my chess sets had sold out when walking past the shop  the day following the opening evening.

The project was an exciting opportunity to experiment with various materials and manufacture methods. I went on a journey from 3D printing moulds for casting porcelain, sandblasting aluminium to cooking up some gloopy bioplastics at home and casting it in the shape of fruit and veg before arriving at the product presented.