Modular Rucksack System

The brief: Design Innovation in Plastics “challenge you to design an innovative product, primarily in plastic, that will provide a more comfortable and less stressful travel experience.”


The modular rucksack system gives you flexibility in what you carry. Say you are going on holiday, you take all your modules with you, then when you arrive at your accommodation you can simply leave your clothes and take other modules out for the day. You wouldn’t need to pack a day bag into your suitcase/rucksack; instead of owning multiple bags for different occasions you simply own a single, long lasting, adaptable system.


The user would purchase or rent the modules they require using an online booking system or app. This could also be used to trade in purchased modules you no longer require for store credit (which can be repaired or recycled) as well as offering a repair service so that your bag stays in service for as long as possible. It would also be possible to arrange for the pick up, storage and redelivery of modules. This would be for those of us who come back from holiday with more than we left with.