Sammy Arschavir


The Good Life


The Good Life was a brief set by the RSA Student Design Awards in 2015/16 with the goal to:


“Empower people who live with long term lifestyle-related health conditions to take a greater role in managing their own care.”


With such an open ended brief my group decided to focus on a particular condition and develop a solution that would help a wider audience, almost following an inclusive design approach (see my blog post about inclusive design here). We worked closely with a fibromyalgia support group to develop a pill box that met a number of requirements:


 - it must be easy to open for someone with impaired dexterity

 - but not too easy so that the contents doesn’t get spilled when taken out for the day

 - small enough to be taken out for the day

 - but large enough for a 40 pill per day capacity

 - remind the user when to take what pills


So with the help of the fibromyalgia support group we developed a pill box with a mechanism that is easy to open but only when required, is portable and is easy to organise a weeks worth of medication as well as outline the functionality of a wearable device and an app that reminds the user when to take their medication.


(the cad was done by another group member).